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This brand is so close to my heart and has been a lifelong dream…

After spending over a decade in the South African fashion industry, I became increasingly aware of the desperate need for quality clothing that is feminine and unique, rather than the mass-produced, cheap imports we so often see. I also wanted to empower local crafters and artists.

I longed to create a collection that would speak to strong, independent women who appreciate individuality and diversity in their wardrobe. Woman with an innate sense of style. Women who are free-spirited rule breakers and live life on their own terms, not according to society’s ideals and expectations.

I have chosen to stay anonymous because I don’t want Rosa Karoo to be about me. Instead, I want the special garments we create to speak for themselves – and I want for you, the wearer, to be able to make our clothes your own.  

This is my creative outlet, my art, the way I express myself. I have always been passionate about South Africa and the local fashion industry. I have also always believed in the importance of fair trade and in providing a safe, happy working environment for my team. Rosa Karoo garments are lovingly made by honest hands in my studio in Johannesburg. My small team has become my family and together we carefully craft each piece we produce.

The Rosa Karoo collection is made up of timeless, hand-dyed fashion items that are suitable for all seasons. Most of our garments are one-off pieces – with the exception of a few designs that are available in multiple sizes. Our clothes are superbly crafted, interesting and comfortable. We use only premium quality, natural fabrics because for us, that’s what authentic fashion is about.

My desire is for women like you to feel feminine and powerful in my clothes. I want you, and all Rosa Karoo wearers, to be able to express your own individuality with our pieces – so combine them as you will! Our garments are not about fast fashion and huge volumes; they are investment pieces that are carefully made, in beautiful fabrics, to be enjoyed for years to come.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you…

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